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Luscombe Aircraft Manuals and Service Bulletins

This page is a collection of various manuals and service bulletins for Luscombe aircraft. Please note that these are presented here for historical reference, and that we make no warranty as to fitness for purpose. Note that almost all Luscombe manuals and bulletins went through multiple editions, and that many were reprints of reprints. Unfortunately a number of errors were made -- either in the original document or in some cases during reprinting. We've done our best to be faithful to the original, leaving errors in place when appropriate and correcting obvious but insignificant ones (such as periods

interchanged with quotation marks).

If you have an original to share with the Luscombe community, email the webmaster -- we'd really appreciate the opportunity to use a scan of your manual as the basis to craft a reproduction.

Pilot Operating Handbook
Luscombe printed many editions of these manuals, and almost all of them had errors of some sort.

Luscombe Service Bulletins

Other Manuals

Last Updated: December 30, 2012

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